Gender Inequalities in Society

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  • Gender Inequalities in the Contemporary UK
    • Workplace
      • Women who work full time are less likely than men to achieve positions of authority
      • The concept of "glass cieling" has been used to describe how women can reach a certain point but can't break through to top jobs
      • There are examples of a decline in women in areas such as science and technology (associated with higher paid jobs"
        • "The leaky pipeline"
    • Home
      • Women play a "dual role" - an active role in the public and the private domestic spheres
      • Seager (1997) found that women spent more time a week on domestic activities and men spent more time on paid work. Men also had more leisure time
    • Politics
      • Women are still grossly unrepresented in parliament
        • In October 2008 126 out of 646 MP's were female
    • Education
      • On average, females achieve better results in SAT's, GCSE's, A Level's and diplomas
      • Truancy rates show that males are more likely to truant from school and significantly more likely to be excluded than females
    • Health
      • In general, women have women have a higher life expectancy
        • However, women have a lower healthy life expectancy and a higher number of years spent in poor health


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