Gender dysphoria

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  • Gender dysphoria
    • Biological explanation
      • Brain sex theory
        • Zhou , Hoffman and Gooren
        • Chung (criticise) doesn't develop till adulthood
        • Hulshoff (support)hormone therapy influences size.
          • evidence in post-mortems- change due to therapy
            • Both use laboratory and post-mortems so evaluation
              • AO3 - child has been exposed to numerous environmental influences
    • Psychological explanation
      • Stay in phallic stage- fixation not identified with correct parent
        • difficult establishing gender identity
          • Oedipal and Electra complex in phallic stage
            • Lothstein( mothers were masculine)
      • Little Hans (supports Oedipal and Electra)
        • Case study ,Alpha bias , euroscentric ,influential model, parsimony, reductionist


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