Gender Diversity and the Criminal Justice System

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  • Gender Diversity and the CJS
    • CJS
      • Courts can be harsher on women
      • Double standard
      • Was created for men
    • Sentencing
      • Women offend less than men
      • Gendered treatment in court
      • Chivalry Theory
      • Double deviance
      • Should women receive the same sentencing as men?
      • More women on probation
      • Double discrimination
    • Offending
      • Women are less likely to be arrested
      • Women convicted of theft more
      • Increase in women and drug offences
      • Girls more involved in violent offences
    • Prison
      • The cost of women's imprisonment
      • Women friendly prisons
      • Corston Report
      • Women receive shorter sentences
      • Pains of imprisonment
    • Victimisation
      • Women are more likely to be victims in the home
      • Women's attackers are people they know
      • Violence against women under reported
    • Roles within the CJS
      • Male dominated
      • Glass ceiling
      • Women in low status positions


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