gender development

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  • Gender Development
    • sex is whether a person is male or female
    • Gender is a psychological term referring to whether someone is masculine, feminine or androgynous
    • BEM
      • Aim: was to construct a inventory to measure masculinity, femininity and androgyny.
      • method: 20 men and women were given 200 traits to what they looked for in a the other sex.
      • Results: feminine traits were ambition, sympathy, warmth. males looked for self sufficiency, aggression.
      • The BSRI was reliable and valid and the males usually scored highly on the masculine and the women on the feminine side.
        • Showing androgyny
      • Evaluation: Questionnaires rely on people knowing what their personality are behaviours are. They may also lie or show demand characteristics.
    • Imperato- McGinley et al : To demonstrate that individuals can change their gender role and identity
      • case study carried out on a family that had all been born with a hormone deficiency which meant their genitals had the appearance of a females.
      • Results: Following their biological transformation at puberty nearly all the boys easily adapted to their true sex. They adopted masculine identities and began to behave like a man.
        • This shows that sex and gender are distinct concepts and the individuals sex had clearly not changed over the time but their gender had. Showing gender is flexible.
    • Gender Identity- knowing what your own perception of mas/ fem


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