Sociology Gender Girls

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  • Gender- Girls
    • Girls themselves
      • higher expectations of themselves
        • Sharpe found that in her 80s study girls expected to marry and have no career however in her 90s study girls had higher expectations
      • Defer gratification
      • Girls read 3X more than boys
        • Concentration span is 4X more than boys
    • Out of School Factors
      • Feminism put pressure on govt in 60/70s to make legal changes to inequalites
      • Socialisation of girls changed due to society's opinion
      • legal reforms- sex discrimination act in 1975 made gender discriminationillegal
    • In School Factors
      • GIST- girls into science and technology
      • Feminisation of education- female role models in primary school
        • Browne found girls had high career aspirations encouraged by schools


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