Gender Terms

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  • Gender Terms
    • Marked terms - for example a 'male nurse' - suggests it strays away from what is normal.
    • Generic terms - "mankind" or "he" used when gender isn't specified. They are exclusive of females.
    • Semantic derogation - corresponding terms for both genders however some have negative connotations. e.g. sir/madam, master/mistress - can be degrading
    • Diminutive suffixes - like "actrESS" - distinguish females from males.
    • Semantic field - certain groups of words are used to refer to females, such as food (honey, sweetie, etc) and animals (cow, bird, etc)
    • Address terms - Mr, Mrs, Ms - implies marital status is important for women.
    • Derogative - for example - ******, gay, tart, etc.
    • Stereotyping - generalising the genders, such as females liking pink and being weaker, pretty and emotional.


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