An Inspector Calls - Gender Roles in Edwardian Society

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  • Gender Roles in Edwardian Society
    • End
      • Mrs Birling “your father can decide what we ought to do”
        • Although being her husband's social superior, she still takes orders from Mr Birling showing that the man was thought to be a leader and decision  because they were better than it than women.
      • Sheila “was he really a police inspector?”
        • Sheila is the first to put two and two together showing that she is smarter than what she is credited for.  It also could suggest that woman did not need the support of men to figure stuff out.
    • Beginning
      • Birling "...not only something to make 'em look prettier - but - well, a sort of sign or token of their self-respect."
        • He judges woman's worth by her appearance and expect that all woman thinks in the same way as him.  It also shows that in the higher class woman were expected to look good to please men.
      • Sheila (referring to the ring) “Is this the one you wanted me to have?”
        • It shows that man were the decision makers in the Edwardian Era giving the idea that woman had little control over their own lives.
    • Middle
      • Sheila “Go on, Gerald. You went down into the bar, which is a favourite haunt of woman of the town.”
        • Suggest that woman are much more knowledgeable behind the surface than men think they are.  Also it shows that woman were less delicate as Sheila knows where Gerald often drinks.
      • Gerald “mistress” and “young, fresh and charming”
        • It shows that lower class woman were viewed as a tool to upper class men that could be disposed off at any time.


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