Gender Representation (Female)

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  • Gender Representation (Female)
    • McRobbie
      • Magazines like Jackie encouraged girls to see romance and marriage as primary goals
      • Women encouraged to be assertive, confident, and supportive of each other
    • Wolf
      • Body ideals
        • Through advertising and printed media
      • Media  presents a particular physical image as a normal or ideal body
    • Connell
      • Feminine identity in the UK is still the product of hegemonic ideas of how the sexes should behave
      • Mass media plays a role in reinforcing these
    • Mulvey
      • Filmakers employ a 'male gaze' whereby the camera lens esentially 'eyes up' the female characters
    • Tuchman
      • Rarely shown in high-status occupational roles
      • Have problems with unusual circumstances
      • Irresponsible
      • Men are rarely portrayed this way
      • Symbolic annihilation
        • The way in which specific groups are absent, condemned or trivialised
    • Venker
      • Men are at the **** of jokes
      • It's a woman's world
      • Feminist movement affects women, men, and children in a negative way
      • Criticism: 'Flipside of Feminsim'


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