Gender + Crime

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    • Men are 3 times more likely to be taken to court + 5 times more likely to be arrested.
      • Official statistics may be unreliable. However, data from self-report studies support them.
    • Women are less likely to be victims of personal crime but more likely to be victims to domestic violence.
      • Some feminists feel that patriarchal attitudes prevent women from the same chance of receiving justice.
    • Women get away with more unrecorded + undetected crime.
      • Heidensohn claims that it's nothing more than male bias based on a stereotypical view of women.
    • The chivalry thesis suggests that officials are more lenient towards women because men are socialized to be soft to women.
      • Hedderman notes that rates of imprisonment for women have been rising in the 21st Century.
    • Walklate argues that in **** trials, women's complaints are often not taken seriously.
      • The criminal justice system is gendered - in favour of either men or women.
    • Heidensohn suggests that there are double standards in the criminal justice system.
      • Women are treated badly when they deviate the norms of expected behaviour for women.
    • Women are supposedly naturally more caring + nurturing. Men have more testosterone, making them more aggressive.
      • Newburn points out that women commit all types of crime and so nothing in their nature stops them.


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