Gender inequality: Weberianism

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  • Gender inequality: Weberianism
    • Horizontal segregation
      • Refers to the different kind of jobs men and women can hold
      • e.g women being stuck in the '5 cs': cleaning, clerical, catering, cashiering and caring
    • Vertical segregation
      • Refers to the kinds of positions women hold within their job
      • e.g many women are employed in primary schooling, however very few women are in top positions there
      • Evidence: 67 of FTSE 250 boards are all-male
    • Dual labour market theory (Barron & Norris)
      • There is a primary market: well-paid jobs, good security and good working conditions
      • There is also a secondary market: lower-paid jobs, worse security and often temporary or part-time
      • Women are more likely to be situated in the secondary market
    • Evaluation
      • Burchell & Rubery: division between primary and secondary labour market is too simplistic. Their research revealed at least 5 divisions and not all were gendered


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