Gender in conversation

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  • Gender in conversation
    • What women talk about
      • Lakoff
        • Women are relegated to decisions about trivial things so their vocabulary includes trivial words.
      • Coates
        • Men like to take turns at being expert, women are more personal.
      • Tannen
        • Men assume their role as information giver as this reinforces strength and status.
    • Tag questions
      • Fishman
        • Women use 3x more tags than men as a conversation tool to keep the conversation flowing.
      • Coates
        • Men use questions to seek information off each other.
      • Lakoff
        • Tag adds uncertainty to the statement so the speaker does not impose her point of view.
    • Hedges
      • Fishman
        • Women use 'you know' 5x more than men.
        • Not used due to uncertainty but for conversational work.
      • Lakoff
        • Used due to uncertainty.
      • Coates
        • Men use less hedging than women.
      • Imperatives
        • Tannen
          • Men use more
          • Women use cloaked imperatives, such as 'Let's'
    • Silences and minimal pauses
      • Tannen
        • Women see listening as essential to group bonding and assume a turn will be granted to speak.
      • Coates
        • Women take well-placed minimal pauses and men take them too late.
        • Minimal pauses indicate a lack of interest which led women to silence.


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