Geder and educational achievement: Explanation

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  • Gender: Explanation
    • Internal
      • Teacher/Pupilinteraction broadening opportunities, more expected of girls so teachers have different expectations
        • Swell (time with teacher) and Mitsos (feminisation of education)
      • Hidden curriculum The attitude created by wider society about the correct behaviour for females, together with their home socialisation are strengthened by the hidden curriculum
      • Subculture boys may achieve the peer group status by disruptive classroom behaviour. They are 3x more likely to be excluded and more likely to develop anti-subcultures
    • External
      • Changing expectations 'Women's movement + feminism achieve considerable success in improving the expectations + self-esteem of women           -housewife/mother not their main role in life
        • Sue Sharpe 'girls' priorities were 'love, family, job, etc in that order' (1976) Priorities changes to 'job, career and being able to support yourself ' (1994)
      • Legal reforms -allowed women to become more involved in the labour market          -Greater career opportunities inspires girls to work hard in school to achieve top positions.       -played a big role in gender differences
      • Socialisation girls toys encourage their language skills + relate by talking. boys relate to their peer by being active
        • McRobbie 'bedroom culture of girls can create their own subcultures    -They chat + read allowing them to develop communication skills that are valued within society


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