Gender Divide

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  • Gender Divide
    • At the start the women confirm stereotypes.
      • Weddings: Sheila looks at her ring and says "is it the one you wanted me to have". It wasn't about what she wanted but Gerald.
      • Women needed to be protected from "unpleasent and disturbing" things.
        • "Miss Birling ought to be excused"
      • Eva enjoyed working with "pretty clothes" and Shelia loved buying tthem.
      • Sheila cries and the family accuse her of being hysterical - a state associated with women at the time. E.g. "you're behaving like a hysterical child.
      • Sheila got Eva sacked over jealousy, vanity and pride - stereotypical female traits.
    • Men behaved in traditional steretypical male way.
      • They're preocupied with work and public affairs. E.g. "the miners came out of strike" & "the Germans don't want war".
      • Arthur sends the women out when talking about Erics confession.
      • Gerald rescued Eva described as a "wonderful fairy prince".
      • Different rules for men and women - double standards. It was fine for Gerald to sleep around prior to marrige but not Sheila. Even Arthur admited to having a "bit of fun sometimes" previously.
    • Young women began to defy the stereotypes.
      • Eva/Daisy was somewhat of a rebel.
        • She was described as a "ring-leader"
        • Described as not "the usual sort".
        • She was "live;y" and had "spirit" which was uncommon of women.
        • She questioned her boss rather than accepting it.
        • She refused Eric's stolen money and decided to go it alone.
      • Sheila starts to show a stronger side throughout evening.
        • Interupts people and challenges their opinions, except from the Inspector.
        • Won't allow her parents to call her a "child".
        • She states her opinions she not "supposed" to have.
    • Stereotypes change by the end of the play.
      • Gerald, Eric and Birling get weaker as the play develops and Sheila gets stronger.
        • Priestley does this so the audience challenges their views of women.
      • Birling has had authority undermined the whole evening. And is "panic-stricken" as he says his final line.
    • Characters attitudes towards women.
      • Mr B was dismissive of the hundreds of female workers.
      • Gerald saw Eva as "young and fresh and charming" (vulnerable and someone he could amuse himself with).
      • Mrs B couldn't/wouldn't "a girl of that sort would ever refuse money


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