Gender Differences in Achievement (Internal)

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  • Gender Differences in Achievement (Internal)
    • Internal
      • Factors with in school and the education system such as the effect of schools equal opportunitiespolicies
    • Equal opportunities policies
      • Policymakers are now aware of gender issues and teachers avoid stereotyping
      • Policies such as Gist and Wise encourage girls to purse careers in non-traditional places
        • GIST = Girls into Science and Technology
        • WISE= Women into Science and Engineering
      • Induction of the National Curriculum in 1988 removed source of gender inequality by making girls and boys study the same subject
      • Schools became more meritocratic raising girls achievements
    • Positive Role Models in School
      • The increase in female teachers acts as a role model for girls showing them what they can achieve and aim for
    • Teacher attention and classroom interaction
      • Boys receive more attention as they attracted more disapproval and have to be disciplined
        • Teachers respond positively to girls which promote girls self-esteems and raise achievement
      • Boys dominate whole class discussions, where as girls prefer paired work
    • Challenging stereotypes in the curriculum
      • Removal of stereotypes from textbooks, reading schemes have removed a barrier of girls achievement
      • Sexist images that have been removed have helped raise girls achievements with positive image of what girls can do
    • Selection and league tables
      • Introduction of exam league tables have improved opportunities for girls
        • Girls are more likely to be recruited by good schools and will do well
      • Boys are less likely to suffer from behavioural problems meaning they are less attracted to school
        • They are then seen as a liability
    • GCSE and Coursework
      • The changes in the way pupils ate asses have favoured girls and disadvantaged boys
        • They gender gap was fairly consistent until exams were introduced when it sharply increased
      • Browne found girls are more successful in coursework because they are better organised than boys
        • They spend more time and care and meet deadlines
      • Characteristic and skills developed from socialisation became and advantage to girls


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