Gender differences in achievement- external factors

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  • Gender differences in achievement- External Factors
    • Feminism
      • although feminists have not yet achieved full equality, feminist movement has made considerable progress in improving women's rights
      • More broadly, feminism has raised women's expectations and self esteem.
      • Partly reflected in media images and messages
      • Angela McRobbie (1994) study of girls magazines
    • Changes in the family
      • Increase in the divorce rate
      • Increase in cohabitation and decrease in number of first marriages
      • Increase in number of lone parent families
      • Smaller families
      • The changes affect girls attitudes towards education
    • Women's employment
      • 1970: Equal Pay Act
      • 1975: Sex Discrimination Act
      • Since 1975, the pay gap has halved from 30% to 15%
      • Proportion of women in employment: 53% in 1971, 67% in 2013
    • Girls' changing ambitions
      • Sue Sharpe (1994) interview with girls in the '70s and '90s shows a major shift
        • 1974, girls had low aspirations
          • priorities: love, marriage, husbands, children, jobs, career - in that order more or less
        • 1990s, different order of priorities, jobs and careers were more important, being able to stand on their own two feet etc


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