Gender Differences

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  • Gender Differences
    • In School Factors
      • Equal Opportunities
        • Underperformance of girls in the past led to a great emphasis on equal opportunities
        • Encouraged girl friendliness in male dominated subjects.
        • Teachers are much more friendlier and sensitive when avoiding gender stereotypes.
      • GCSE and Courseowork
        • Girls put in much more effort and time on their assignments.
        • They have much better educational outcomes.
      • Teacher Attention
        • Teachers pay more attention to girls in schools as they statistically do much better.
        • Girls are more independent, work harder, more organised, etc.
      • Stereotypes in the curriculum
        • The language in textbooks only use male references such as 'him', ect.
        • Girls are only see as 'housewives',etc in the textbooks.
    • Out of School Factors
      • Roles Models
        • Many girls today have mothers working in paid employment.
        • They now recognise that the future involves paid employment, combined with family responsibility.
      • Changes in the Family
        • Increase in family adversity has led to more female headed households.
        • They now take on a lose of subordinate roles and improve status.
      • Impact of Feminism
        • Increase in female jobs, the educational system is sexiest.
        • Children are only taught in books about make leaders and role models.
      • Changes in the workforce
        • Enabled females to aspire to achieve more therefore meaning that working mothers provide a positive role model.
      • Women Ambitions
        • They have an increasing number of role models.
        • More motivated into achieving goals- may want to work in technology, etc.


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