Gender Bias

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  • Gender Bias
    • Universality
      • Research may not accurately represent the experience and behavior of men and women
      • Psychologists have beliefs and values influenced by social and historical contexts
      • May be difficult to discover facts which are objective, value-free and consistent across different times and cultures
    • Beta Bias
      • Minimises differences
      • Ignoring/underestimating differences between men and women often occur when female participants are not included in the research process and it is assumed that research findings apply equally to both sexes
      • Fight or flight response
        • An example of beta bias is the flight or fight response.
        • Early research was based on male animas. The fight or flight response was assumed to be universal response to a threatening situation
          • Taylor et al suggest female biology has evolved to inhibit the fight or flight response shifting attention towards care of offspring and forming defensive network with other females
      • Androcentrism
        • Research involving all male samples has led to female behavior being misunderstood
    • Alpha Bias
      • Exaggerates the differences between males and females
        • Heightens the value of women but devalue females in relation to males
      • Socialbiological theory if relationship formation
        • Males interest to try and impregnate as many women as possible to increase his chances of his genes being passed on
        • Females best chance to persevere her genes is to ensure the survival of her offspring
        • Sexual prosmicuity in males is naturally selected and genetically determined but females who engage in the same behavior are seen as going against their 'nature'
    • Evaluation
      • Gender bias in psychologicalresearch
        • Creating misleading assumptions about female behavior and validate discriminatory practices
      • Understanding leads to reflexivity
        • Researchers recognize the value of their work and they embrace bias as an important aspect
      • Promotes sexism in the work place
        • Lack of women at senior research level means female concerns may not be reflected in research questions asked


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