Gender and Society

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  • Gender and Society
    • Ephesians
      • "husband is the head of the wife, just as Christ is the head of the church"
      • "the two will become one flesh"
      • "present her to himself as a radiant church"
    • Mulieris Dignitatem
      • "motherhood is the fruit of marriage"
      • "man to become the 'master' of his wife"
      • "woman to man "I have given you a child""
      • "shared parenthood owes a special debt to women"
      • "lean his fatherhood from the mother"
    • Challenges of Modern day views
      • Gay rights and marriage
      • Women being owned by men
      • Motherhood being the best bit of marriage
      • Women priests and bishops
      • Transgender people
    • How should Christians respond
      • BONHOEFFER: Cheap vs Costly Grace - act like the couple in the BnB
      • JESUS: 'give Cesar what is Cesar's" Just go along with it
      • MILL: act through religion unless it harms something


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