Gender and education (internal and external factors)

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  • Gender and Education
    • Internal factors
      • Mitsos and Browne - teaching has become feminised, giving girls more positive role models
      • The national curriculum forced girls to do traditionally male subjects
      • Girls get more positive teacher attention than boys
      • Jackson - boys are labelled negatively by schools and so schools at the top of league tables are less likely to accept them
      • Archer - the ongoing achievement of girls is fragile and problematic
    • External factors
      • Girls are socialised into behaviours well suited fr education
      • The Equal Pay Act and Sex Discrimination Act have created more equal opportunities.
      • Sue Sharpe - girls priorities have changed
        • They now want careers and qualifications not just marriage and children.
      • The feminist movement has caused a change in female expectations
        • People are now more aware of stereotyping
      • The labour market has changed to suit women
        • There's been an increase in the service sector and decrease in the primary sector
      • Changes in family structure have give girls new independent career role models


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