Gender and DEA

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  • Gender and DEA
    • everyone is improving but girls have improved quicker so have over taken boys
    • 2014 GCSE results: a*-c 73.1% for girls and 64.3% for boys
    • Why?
      • Girls and boys encouraged in the same way (teachers and parents)
      • Feminism - change in attitudes
        • Raised awareness of need for equal opportunities
        • Anti - sexist initiatives in schools have raised teachers' and pupils' conciousness
          • Weiner argues that teachers have more forcefully challenged stereotypes since the 1980s and many sexist images have been removed from textbooks
      • Changing employment patterns - more career focused as able to do any job
        • 2006 - 3/4 of women in employment with many in higher status, well paid positions
      • Family changes: divorce, single parent families and singlehood
        • Hannan - researched into how boys and girls spend their leisure time - girls gossip and boys outside. This puts girls at an advantage in school because most subjects require good communication skills - written and oral
      • Ambition - sue sharp
        • Francis and skelton - found many girls have ambitious career plans, with many looking forward towards jobs that require degree - level qualifications
      • Shift in role models


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