Gender and Crime

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  • Gender and Crime
    • Patriarchy: Carlen and Heidenson- control of women and girls, e.g. earlier curfews that boys
    • Gender role socialisation (Sex-role theory): girls are socialised to be caring and gentle and given toys like dolls and kitchens, whereas boys are taught to be aggressive and competitive and given toys such as racing cars and action figures.
    • Men: often out working, therefore more opportunity to commit crimeWomen: at home looking after children, home-bound therefore less opportunity to commit crime
    • Men feel the need to assert their dominance by committing crime
    • Anti-school subcultures: boys feel the need to prove themselves by being rebellious (i.e. committing crime) in order to fit in
    • Women are likelier to stay at home and look after/raise their kids
    • Chivalry thesis: Women are treated with more leniency by police/the criminal justice system, therefore, female crime rate statistics wont show up on official statistics
    • Pollak: Women don’t commit less crime, they are just better at getting away with it
    • Women are often given shorter sentences, even when they commit the same crimes as men
    • Farrington and Morris: men deserve the prolonged sentences they get as they commit more severe crimes
    • Failure to recognise female crime makes up the “dark figure of crime”
    • Box: the official statistic of male: female crime (8.95:1.0) is accurate
    • Self-report studies found that women are often let off with a caution, whereas men are prosecuted (for committing the same crime


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