Gender and Crime

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  • Gender and Crime
    • Offending
      • females = theft, shoplifting, prostitution, kill using poison and guns (pre-meditated)
      • 79% female and 58% sentence should viewed in term - being young, out of character, mental illness, job less.
      • More likely to be benefit-dependent than men and men have higher income. women have histories of victimisation and abuse (Carston)
    • Victimisation
      • Men are victims of personal crime and violence, men are victimised by strangers, acquaintances and friends. Women are victimised by parents and ex-partner. 25% of women experienced family abuse. Women 7x more likely to report sexual assault than males
    • Murder
      • 30% of victims are female. Stabbing was the main cause of death amongst both. Other causes of death men were more likely to die as a result of being hit whereas women tend to die from being strangled
    • Why men commit? - MILLER - subculture lifestyle leads to crime. Socialisation is different for both - not watched as much
      • Marsh - men commit crime as they have chance to do so
      • Winlow - de-industrialisation some men construct masculinity through crime in night economy
    • Why women commit? - Functionalism sex role  -HEIDENSOHN - patriarchal control over women - push to crime, treated harsher when deviant (bias against women)
      • Abbott and Wallace - young women are more closely watch
    • The Chivalry Thesis - used self-report data (CAMPBELL) justice agents - police etc. men socialised to be chivarous
    • Liberation Theory - decline of patriarchal control, women are committing different crime - violence and white collar crime, rise in girl gangs
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