gender roles

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  • Gender
    • men
      • hegemonic masculinity
        • males fulfilling traditional masculine character
          • breadwinner
          • powerful
      • Parsons (1955)
        • instrumental role within the family based on physical strength and being the breadwinner
      • turning away from hegemonic values
        • Connel
          • range of masculin identities hegemonic and subordinate
      • social construct
        • Wilsom (1975)
          • necessary for men to be promiscuous in order to reproduce
      • Mae & Ghaill
        • loss of 'breadwinner' identity for working class men
      • Abbott
        • big changes in the fashion of young men in recent years adopting the feminine focus on appearence
    • women
      • change in attitudes towards female roles
        • Sharpe
          • in 1970s  girls were focussed on child bearing & marriage, 90s girls prioritised education and  career
      • Feminism
        • women no longer accept the traditional roles of women in society
        • women now  have more opportunity and so
      • Helen Wilkinson (1997)
        • young women are more confident to rebel against gender roles
        • sexual equality now viewed as a 'birthright'
      • ladette
        • Denscombe (2001)
          • increase in risk taking behaviour amongst women linked to ladette culture
        • Jackson (2006)
          • some girls smoked, swore, drank in order to avoid being uncool and unpopular
          • defence mechanism
    • education
      • Frash (2002)
        • boys who are successful at school are seen as feminine where as girls who are successful are seen as powerful
      • Stanworth
        • males receive more attention in school
      • Stanworth
        • girls have lower expectations of themselves
    • workplace
      • feminism
        • difference in subject choice at school leads to division in work place
      • horizontal segregation
        • women earn less than men for the same job
      • vertical segregation
        • 'glass ceiling'
          • women can;t progress their career because of maternity breaks


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