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  • Gender
    • Point One
      • “I have a trick may chance to discover it … some apricots” (2:1)
      • “Her look goes suddenly inward … Stanley … is unaware … suddenly notices the change in Stella” (Sc8)
    • Point Two
      • “Clip the bird’s wings” (3:2)No longer able to fly suggests her femininity has gone
      • “Suggests a moth” (Sc1) Feminine imagery of flying
    • Point Three
      • “When I wax grey I shall have all the court powder their hair with arras, to be like me” (Act 3, scene 2)
      • “Have got to be seductive- put on soft colours, the colours of butterfly wings and glow” (Scene 2)
    • Point Four
      • “The happy father of a son” (2:2)
      • “Eunice … places the child in her arms … wrapped in a pale blue blanket” (Sc11)
  • Malfi
  • Streetcar


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