Theme of Gender

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  • Gender
    • A Doll's House
      • 'My little songbird'-
        • Nora is constantly patronised by Torvald
      • 'A man can handle this sort of thing so much better than a mere woman'
        • Shows that Nora does not think of herself as clever because she is a woman
      • ' Almost like being a man.'
        • Nora describes that doing work was like being a man, showing the men and women's rooted places in society
      • 'I didn't really see how I could justify declining his offer'
        • Mrs Linde didn't love her husband but had to marry him to take care of her family
    • Rossetti Poems
      • Maude Clare
        • The one male character in this poem says the least out of everyone
        • The poem is mainly dominated by Maude Clare- she described as a 'queen' in comparison to Nell, who's described as a 'village maid'
        • This poem defies societal norms by having women be the dominating characters
      • No, thank you John
        • defies societal norms by the woman refusing to marry the man who has proposed to her
        • patronising and sarcastic language
      • From the Antique
        • 'I wish I were a man'- not a feminist view
      • Goblin Market
        • Two sisters supporting each other rather than relying on men
        • However, at the end they both get married and have children, conforming to societal norms


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