Culture and Identity and Gender

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  • Gender
    • Gender - Socially constructed cultural differences between two sexes which are learnt through socialisation
    • Hegemonic identities - socially constructed stereotypes to do with each gender
      • Men
        • Tough
        • Unemotional
        • Sexually Dominant
      • Women
        • Gentle
        • Sexually passive
        • Emotianl
        • Concerned with attractiveness to men
    • Feminists
      • Hegemonic Identities reinforce patriarchal culture
        • Makes it difficult to construct identities different from hegemonic stereotypes
      • Oakley
        • Differential activity exposure
    • Media
      • Media promote "Beauty Myth" - Women should be assessed primarily in terms of their appearance
      • Women are seen in limited roles, mostly consisting of 'Sex Objects'
    • Changing Identities
      • Females
        • More positive role models of strong, independent and successful women.
        • Womens growing success and equality
          • Outperforming males in education
        • A wider range of roles for women
        • Decline in desire for marriage and children
      • Males
        • New Man
          • Men are more caring, sharing, gentle, emotions, sensitive
            • Willing to do fair share of housework
        • Male bodies used as sex objects
        • Crisis of masculinity
          • Mac an Ghail
            • Mens dominant position as family bread-winners is threatened  by the rise of women's equality and independant incomes
            • Underachieving in education, 'mahco' manual work disappearing
        • Growing concern with dress, appearance, personal grooming among men


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