GCSE Science ISA Marking scheme

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  • GCSE ISA marking
    • Section 2
      • Q1 (a) (i)
        • Q1 (a) (ii)
          • 3 Marks!Correct statement as to whether or not there are any anomalous results A statement why anomalous results are ones that do not fit the patternSome examples are given to support this, eg "all results are very close to a line of best fit"
        • 3 Marks!A valid statement is made whether the results support the hypothesisInclude a reference to a pattern and some examples from the results
      • Q. 1 (b)
        • 3 Marks!Calculate the mean by adding the results together and dividing by the number of values.State that either anomalous results are discarded before calculating a mean or a graph is plotted and a best fit ignoring anomalous points
      • Q. 1 (c)
        • 3 Marks!State the independent variableStates the range of the independent variableExplain whether or not the range is suitable
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      • Q. 1 (d)
        • 3 Marks!Identifies a suitable error or uncertaintySuggest a way of reducing the error or uncertaintyExplains how the way suggested will reduce the error or uncertainty
      • Q. 2 (a)
        • 2 Marks!Both axes labelled with the variables and an appropriate line drawn
      • Q. 2 (b) (i)
        • 3 Marks!Correct statements are made Case Studies 1, 2 and 3, supported by a more detailed explanation of ALL of them
      • Q. 2 (b) (ii)
        • 3 Marks!There is a statement saying whether or not the data in Case Study 4 supports the manufacturer's hypothesisThere is also a statement that makes clears the limitations of the data in supporting the hypothesis
      • Q. 3
        • 3 Marks!Results from the investigation or an idea from the research has been related to the contextThere is a detailed explanation of how this idea can be applied in the given context
      • Q. 4
        • 4 Marks!Scale should be such that the plots occupy at least 1/3rd of axisno plotting errorsAllow error carried forward from incorrect points
    • Section 1
      • Q.1
        • 3 Marks! You need a hypothesis that identifies the independent & dependent variables and is CLEARLY EXPLAINED
      • Q. 2
        • 3 Marks! Two relevant sources are clearly and the usefulness of both sources is explained AND a comparison made
      • Q. 3
        • 9 Marks! Equipment used is statedValis method describedMeasurements to be made are stated and control variables are clearly identified, with details of how they will be monitored or controlledAny significant hazards are identified, together with an assessment of the associated risks and corresponding control measuresThe answer is coherent and written in an organised, logical sequence, containing a range of relevant specialist terms used correctlyFAULTLESS spelling, punctuation and grammar
      • Q. 4
        • 3 Marks! An alternative method is outlined brieflyAn explanation is given as to why this alternative method would not have been as good as the one chosen
      • Q. 5
        • 2 Marks Correct headings and units present for all measured variables.
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