GCSE P.E - Components of Fitness

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  • Components of fitness
    • Speed
      • Distance/Time
      • 100m sprint
    • Cardiovascular Endurance
      • Heart and lungs ability to provide oxygen to the working muscles
      • Marathon
    • Strength
      • The Bodies ability to overcome a resistance
      • Olympic weightlifting
    • Power
      • Speed X Strength
      • Rugby
    • Muscular Endurance
      • The ability for a muscle/ muscle group to undergo repeated contractions without fatigue
      • Cross Country
    • Balance
      • The ability to maintain a centre of mass over a base of support
      • Gymnastics
    • Flexibility
      • The largest possible range of movement at a joint
      • Gymnast
    • Reaction Time
      • The time taken for a performer to respond to a stimulus
      • 100m sprint
    • Agility
      • The ability to change direction at speed whilst maintaining control
      • Basketball
    • Coordination
      • The ability to move two or more body parts togethersmoothly
      • Dance


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