GCSE history- America:The boom

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  • GCSE history: America The Boom- 1920'
    • Productivity rises dramatically- companies adapted- assembly lines(Henry Ford)
      • This means new products and new jobs for americans
        • By 1929, half of all American families had a car
        • 80% of the worlds cars were from America.
      • Household appliances such as fridges, vacuums etc.. allowed more time for leisure
      • Products were put on credit so more people were able to afford them
    • The film industry rose, actors and actresses in Hollywood such as Clara bow and Rudolph Valentino
      • Women gained more rights
        • Flappers- women drank and smoked in public and were cutting their hair into a bob.
        • Birth control was now available
    • Black americans gained some rights
      • They migrated to cities- Harlem
      • Klu klux klan - claimed 3 million members, this meant more racism and lynchings
        • White people were still superior
          • " America must be kept American"
    • Negatives of the boom
      • Americans went into debt to follow the American dream
      • Prosperity
      • Small businesses lost
      • 40% of Americans lived in poverty
      • 1% of nations banks controlled 80% of the nations financial resources
      • Farm incomes dropped steadily
      • Immigration- new immigration law made numbers drop


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