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  • Challenges to the Weimar Republic from the Left and Right
    • Right wing and Left wing
      • Extreme Right wing groups .
        • Wanted a strong government with good leader.
        • Supported capitalism,law and order and traditional values.
      • Extreme left wing groups
        • Wanted Germany to be controlled by the people.
        • Opposed capitalism and wanted to ambolish private ownership.
    • Spartacist revolt
      • Communists supported by spartacist league
      • Spartacist called for uprising and general strike
      • They seized government newspaper and telegraph offices.
      • As spartacist revolt grew Ebert used Freikorps on the rioters.
      • By 13 January the rebels were driven off the streets.
      • For time being the left wing communist rebellion had been supressed.
    • The Kapp Putsch
      • Ebert government was struggling to control Freikorps.
      • They declared a new government of Germany and invited the Kaiser to return from exile


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