GCSE Food and Nutrition

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  • GCSE Food and Nutrition
    • Gluten
      • Helps dough stretch
      • When water is added, gluten is activated
      • Strong, stretchy protein
        • Gives structure to baked goods
    • Meat
      • High biological value
      • Tender and tough meat is determined by...
        • The length and size of muscle fibres
        • Age of the animal
    • Fish
      • High in protein, low in fat
      • Oily fish has lots of fat however, it contains lots of vitamins
      • Short cooking time so nutrients are not lost
      • Fish is easier for the body to digest because there is no elastin
    • Pastry
      • When fat is rubbed into flour
        • The fat creates a waterproof layer and prevents the gluten developing
      • The more fat used the shorter the molecules of gluten will be
        • This results in a short crumbly texture
    • Eat Well guide
      • Fruit and veg
      • Bread, potato and cereal group
      • Oils and spreads
        • Solid fats = saturated
          • High in cholesterol
          • Butter
        • Oils = unsaturated
          • Low in cholesterol
          • Olive, Vegetable oil
      • Milk and milk products
      • Protein
    • Enzymes
      • Enzymes = a natural substance that speeds up chemical reactions
      • Enzymes are proteins
    • Bacteria
      • Pathogens
        • Harmful bacteria that can make us ill
      • Single celle organism
        • Can contaminate and ruin food
    • Proteins
      • 22 essential amino acids
      • A macronutirent
      • High biological value means all the essential amino acids are in that food


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