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  • GCSE DANCE Component 1 Choreography Assessment Task (40 marks)
    • Two to five dancers
      • My dancers: Claudia, Millie and (one more to make it a trio)
    • Three to three and a half minutes
    • My stimulus
      • Three action words
        • I want to draw out three action words from the collection of short shories by Angela Carter called 'the bloody chambers.
          • The stories I've narrowed down to so far:
            • The Tiger's Bride
              • Themes: patriarchy, liberation and sexuality
            • Wolf-Alice
            • The Lady Of The House Of Love
          • Key issues in the stories
            • Change
              • All of the tales revolve around death and love; treachery and cruelty; redemption and salvation; and most of all - the possibilty of change.
              • Untitled
              • Carter's gives powerful possibilities of transformation which brings hope and strength to the women in the tales
            • Gender, Class and Power
              • Carter's tales explore sexulality but doesnt present stereotypical feminist views of women as either heroic figures fighting against, or passive victims of patriachal dominance.
              • Aristocratic male characters are defined by stereotypes of power, greed and cruelty associated with privilege.
              • Carter's female characters are often their victims. Stories are structured by the resolving of this power imbalance
              • Issues of class and power are not idealised in the same ways as the traditional tales in which they are drawn from.
            • Nearly all tales are set in a European winter landscape signifying the bleakness and hardship of life.
    • You must write a programme note to support your choerography
      • Must include my name and candidate number
      • My centre number and centre name
      • The choice of stimulus
      • The title of your dance
      • Citations of the title and musician/artist for any aural accompaniment used


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