GBBO key elements - location and appeal

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  • GBBO key elements
      • Grounds of a large, quintessentially British country house
      • Evokes feelings of fun, community
      • Bunting to add sense of British garden party.
        • Key to adding traditional feel to viewers.
      • Filmed in Welford Park, Berkshire
    • Why do audiences love GBBO
      • Skill demonstrated
      • Risk factor of things not going well
      • Star appeal - Paul Hollywood successful chef
        • Pru Leith - South African adds culture, chef, successful, harsh
        • Noel Fielding - DJ/music producer, writer and actor; 'Off The Wall', 'Mighty Boosh'.
          • Two presenters not well nown by C4 audience which is positive because if they end up liking them it adds promotion for C4, negative if they do not like and compare to old presenters.


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