Gatsby & Love Poetry : Thematic links

Thematic links between Gatsby and poetry, including info about context and critical theories, as well as quotes.

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  • Gatsby & Poetry (Themes)
    • Obsessive Love
      • Whoso List to Hount
        • Gatsby chases Daisy for years
        • Daisy is seen as the ultimate prize
          • Men seek to possess women (Neg Feminist)
        • Gatsby believes in the love until the end
        • The persona eventually gives up on apsotrophe
      • Remember
        • Gatsby will forever be in love with Daisy
        • Rewrites the past to try and win Daisy
        • Obsessed with the past
        • Doesn't want Daisy to forget him
      • "Here's a lot of clippings - about you."
      • "Her voice is full of money."
    • Forbidden Love
      • Whoso List to Hount
        • Gatsby and persona both love someone in class above
        • Wyatt loved a married woman
        • Class division is the evil of western society (Neg Marxist)
        • Male affairs were excepted, female were not
      • "Your wife doesn't love you."
      • "I wanted somebody who wouldn't gossip. Daisy comes over quite often."
      • "Tom's got some woman in New York."
    • Barriers to love
      • Song (Ae fond kiss)
        • Daisy is expected to stay with Tom due to societal barriers
        • Women were expected to remain loyal to their husbands forever
        • Neg feminist & marxist
      • Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae
        • Persona fell in love with someone younger
          • Not accepted in society
      • "They were both in white."
    • Class Division
      • Whoso List to Hount
        • Persona and Gatsby both lower class than the women they love
        • Gatsby's facade of wealth and power
        • Neg marxist
      • The Ruined Maid
        • Divided into class due to profession
        • Daisy vs Myrtle
        • Both doing well in differently accepted ways
      • "A cream coloured dress."




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