Inhalation and Exhalation process

Mind Map of the inhalation and exhalation process.

Does what it says on the tin.

Hope it's useful to someone! ;)

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  • Gaseous Exchange In The Lungs
    • Inhalation
      • 1. travels down the TRACHEA
        • 2. goes down one of the BRONCHI
          • 3. goes into the BRONCHIOLES
            • 4. goes into the ALVEOLI
      • INTERCOSTAL muscles and DIAPHRAGM contract
    • Exhalation
      • 1. INTERCOSTAL and DIAPHRAGM relax
        • 2. leaves the ALVEOLI
          • 3. goes back through the BRONCHIOLE
            • 4. goes back up the BRONCHI
              • 5. goes back up the TRACHEA


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