Gas exchange in bony fish

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  • Gas exchange in bony fish
    • Gills
      • organs of gas exchange
      • contained in gill cavity
        • covered by protective operculum
          • bony gill arch under operculum
            • supports gill structure
      • gill filaments
        • need a flow of water to stay apart
          • exposes large surface area for gas exchange
        • occur in large stacks (gill plates)
      • gill lamellae
        • rich blood supply
        • large surface area
        • main site of gas exchange
    • Mechanism
      • buccal cavity (mouth opens) and volume increased
        • opercular valve closes and pressure in buccal cavity drops
          • water moves into buccal cavity and pressure increases
            • water moves over gills
    • Countercurrent flow
      • water and blood flow in opposite directions
      • ensures steep concentration gradient


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