Gardner and Gardner- Methodology

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  • Gardner and Gardner- Methodology
    • method evaluation (case study)
      • ADV- can gain an in-depth sight into behavior and gather a large amount of qualitative data
      • DISADV- cant generalize as sample size was limited so can't generalize beyond Washoe.
    • ethical issues
      • psychological harm- teaching an animal ASL in not natural, right to withdraw captured from wild and kept in captivity so she couldn't ask to leave
      • benefits outweigh costs, as study has allowed us to answer Q's e.g. whether language is innate.
    • Reliability
      • this exact study was never repeated so reliability was never tested/ ensured
    • validty
      • just because washoe made signs doesn't mean she understood the rules of language
      • washoe didntt give novel utterances just the signs shes been taught so the study may be inaccurate
    • use of A.S.L
      • some argue  A.S.L. is not a form of language


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