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  • Gamelan
    • Set of tuned percussion instruments
    • Comes from Java and Bali
    • It has existed for 100 years and there are 3 main types
      • Javanese
      • Balinese
      • Sudanese
    • Venues include Courts temples and village squares
    • They can accompany dance or religious ceremonies
    • The music is learnt by ear
    • Instruments
      • Gongs
      • Metallophone
      • Saron (plays main melody)
      • Kedang (main drum)
      • Bamboo Flute
      • xylophone
      • Bowed String Instrument
    • Key Features
      • A Gamelan is tuned to one of two scales
        • Slendro - Most common scale it is a pentatonic scale which 5 notes are equally spaced within the octave
        • Pelog - a 7 note scale that rises in unequal steps
    • Melody and texture
      • The saron plays a cyclic pattern
      • All the other instruments play the same melody at different speeds
      • Heterophobic Texture
    • Structure
      • Music is performed in cycles one cycle is called a Gongon The end of a gongon os marked with a stroke on a large drum
      • The Gongon is broken down into 4 beat groups one 4 beat group is called a ketag
    • Performance
      • No Conductor
      • Drummer leads and shows tempo and volume changes


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