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  • Galen
    • Educating
      • He wrote over 60 books
        • this meant that many people could learn from him
      • He encouraged others to develop other peoples ideas as he developed hippocrates'
    • significance now
      • He was very significant as he formed the basis of medicine for 1500 years
      • He also improved Hippocrates' theory meaning other doctors could develop this futher
    • Backround
      • AD129-AD210
      • Greek/Roman doctor, developed the 'theory of opposites' to heal illness
      • Suggested using opposites to balance the humours
    • Experiments
      • Galen dissected on animals
        • He cut into a pig's neck and found nerves
      • He never experimented on humans
        • This led to some mistakes
    • Books and research
      • He wrote over 60 books
      • Only ever dissected animals so he made mistakes
      • Worked out that the brain controlled the body


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