Conduction system

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  • Conduction system
    • the heart is myogenic - generates its own electrical impulse
    • cardiac impulse - electrical impulse responsible for stimulating the heart to contract
    • the electrical impulse begins at the sino-atrial (SA) node, located in right atrium wall
    • the impulse travels through the left and right atrial walls causing both atria to contract
    • the cardiac impulse reaches and activates the atrio-ventricular (AV) node in the right atrium which passes the impulse down to the bundle of his
    • AV node helps delay the impulse allowing the contraction of the atria to finish before the ventricles begin to contract
    • Bundle of His splits in to the left and right branches and spreads the impulse down and around the ventricles walls
      • does this via a network of purkinje fibres, causing the ventricles to contract


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