Guitar Techniques and Effects

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  • Guitar FX
    • Wah Wah
    • Distortion
      • Fuzz
      • Overdrive
      • Distortion
      • Achieved by overloading circuitry at some point in the signal chain
    • Modulation Effects
      • Chorus
        • Slightly detunes the signal and plays the detuned version alongside the clean signal
          • Gives the effect of multiple instruments playing at once
      • Phaser
        • Similar to flanger
        • Gives a 'shimmering' effect to clean guitar and adds movement to lightly distorted parts
      • Flanger
        • Gives a 'swirling' or 'whooshing' effect; a more extreme setting gives a 'jet plane' effect
    • Reverb
      • Most common reverb used by guitarists is spring reverb
    • Delay
      • Thickens sounds
      • Adds distinct repeats
      • Slapback delay/echo is commonly used
    • Effects are on stompboxes which are individual effects units in the form of floor mounted boxes, activated by stomping on a switch
  • Guitar Techniques
    • Strumming /Plucking
    • Palm Muting
      • Involves resting the heel of the hand gently on the strings near the bridge
      • This muffles the sound slightly
    • Slide
      • This was developed by blues musicians
        • They used the neck of a bottle to slide up and down the strings in order to change the pitch of the note
    • Legato
      • This is when notes are played using the fretting hand
      • Hammer-ons
      • Pull-offs
      • Slide/ Glissando
      • Tapping
    • Shredding
      • Very fast guitar picking
      • Most associated techniques: Speed-picking  Sweep-picking
    • Harmonics
      • Have a clear bell-like tone
      • Produced by touching the string at a fraction of its length while simultaneous picking the string with the other hand
    • Use of Tremolo Arm
      • The whammy bar allows a range of performance techniques
      • A vibrato effect can be created by applying and releasing pressure
      • Can be used for a 'divebomb' effect
        • Press tremolo arm violently toward body of guitar for abrupt drop in pitch
    • Use of Volume Control
      • Violining
        • A note is played at a quiet volume then volume is immediately turned up so that the attack of the note is lost


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