Future of Antarctica

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  • Future of Antarctica
    • Protection and preservation
      • Heart of the ocean, precious and fragile with scarce resources and wildlife
        • Worlds last wild frontier
      • Essential insight to understand how the world works and how damaging humans are to the world
        • Important natural labatory; shows climate change and ocean system variations
      • Scientific privileges would be destroyed
      • New extraction methods
        • Environmentally hinder the layers of permafrost
        • Huge new international problem - who gains/profits from the new resources
          • Huge disagreements
          • Wars between nations
      • Climate change would decrease krill numbers
        • Vulnerable and dependant food chain would decrease the well being of other species
          • Negative multiplier to other species - food chain deteriorates
    • Economic use
      • Scarce resources alone would create a huge economic boost (Whales, coal, hydrocarbons, oil, iron ore, gold)
    • Conclusion
      • Antarctic region is too precious to be put under the exploitation of development
      • Too susceptible to destroying effects
      • The environmental consequesnses greatly outweigh the insignificantly comparable advantages


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