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  • Futility
    • Purpose
      • An injured solider
        • Probably dead
      • Set in France WW1
      • Poet question point of life
    • Structure
      • Stanzas begins with command.
        • Link to soldier orders.
      • Half rhyme "seeds" and "sides"
        • Makes poem less formal
    • Imagery
      • Personifies  nature.
        • Powerful but helpless
          • "fields half sown"
      • Sun is a  metaphor of God
        • Even God is defenceless of war
    • Language
      • "clays of a cold star"
        • "thou hast made me out of clay"
          • Reference to life of Earth.
            • God brought Earth to life but cant stop war.
      • "whispering"
        • Private anxiety or dread
    • Tone
      • Past and Present tense
        • Contrast with soldiers home and current life.
          • Emotive effect


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