Further research methods

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  • Further Research Methods
    • Questionnaire
      • Survey method used to collect large amounts of data from a large spread of people
        • -Can find out about behavior and attitudes quickly           -ethical because people are fully aware that they are filling in the questionnaire
        • -no way of checking that answers given are true
      • Closed questions
        • A question where the possible responses are often fixed (yes, no)
          • Provides researcher with data that's easy to collate, it's also a faster method.
          • -Little detail in answers given  -respondents can't explain why they chose their answer
      • Open questions
        • A question where the person answering can give any response they like
          • -Provide researcher with lots of information
          • -Very hard to collate           -Takes longer to carry out
    • Interviews
      • method of which a researcher collects data by asking questions directly
      • Structured interviews
        • an interview in which all the questions are pre-set, given in a fixed order and every interviewee is asked the same questions
          • -Data can be collated and analysed quickly
          • -lack detail        -may be frustrating when interviewer wants to ask more questions
      • Unstructured interviews
        • An interview in which only the first question is set and all other questions are determined by the answers of the interviewee
          • -detailed data  -high ecological validity
          • -researcher cannot be sure that the interviewee is telling the truth so data may not be accurate
    • Observational method


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