funeral Eulogy for Murdia

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  • Funeral Eulogy for Murdia
    • written in the first century BC by her first son
      • shows she doesn't have a husband as it would be given by closest male relative
    • Murdia had two marriages and had one son with the first husband and sons and a daughter with the second
    • she made all her sons equal heirs and an endowment to her daughter
      • clever and organised
      • symbolical that her love is shared out amongst her children
    • she left large amount of money to her husband so that he could re-marry a respectable women
      • shows love and devotion to her huband
      • forward thinking
    • she made sure her first son was given certain property and returned to him part of her first husbands inheritance
      • out of respect to her first husband not because she preferred this son
      • because he should also inherit from his dad
    • she was grateful
      • she was determined to maintain the worthy marriages her parents had given her with obedience and propriety
      • her will indicated her honourable intentions to her husbands, her fairness to her children and her sincere actions
    • he praises his mother for her modesty, propriety, chastity, obedience, wool-working, industry and loyalty
      • he thinks all good women have these qualities and should be praised
      • these are praised even more because she showed them in times of danger
    • her name isn't mentioned showing she was a respectable matron


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