Functions of the Family

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  • Functions Of The Family
    • Murdoch argued that the family performs four essential functions:                -Stable satisfaction of sex drive                          -Reproduction of next generation                -Socialisation of young                        -Meeting its members economic needs.
      • marxist critisise murdoch as they say the family meets the needs of the capitlist class not societies. Also feminists say the family meets the needs of men.
    • Parsons agreed with murdochs four essentila function said the family also may perform other fuctions depending on its societiy. He found two types of family structures:                 -The nuclear family                        -The extended family
      • Parsons also said that the family is losing its functions e said the modern nuclear family specialises in performing two essential functions;                  -The primary socialisation of young                        -The satbilistaion of adult personaities
    • Marxists see all of societies institutions as benefiting the ruling class. they identified three functions they see the family doing benefiting capitilism.
      • Inheriatnc of properties, were men had to be certain that there children were their own in order for them to inherit the private prperty from them.
      • Ideological functions, marxists see todays family as justifying inequality. As they see the family as showing children how inequality is inevitible.
      • The famiy is a unit of consumption, marxist see the capitilist exploiting mens cheap labour to make products and then are selling it back to them more expensivley, making a profit.
    • Feminists
      • marxist feminist agree with marxist, but they say women absorb anger that would be directed at capitilists, this leads to domestic violence. They even argue that women are reserve workers and go to work if ever needed like in ww2
      • Liberl feminists believe that the postions of women are  gradually improving. As improving laws and changing attitudes are helping the positions of women.
        • However the other feminists criticise liberal feminists as they that laws and attitudes isnt enough.
      • Radical feminists that all societies benefit men. They see men as the enemy and the famiy is the key to patriarchy and men benefit from womens unpaid domestic labour.
        • However libersl feminist argue that radical feminist fail to see that the position of wome has changed considerably. With better access to divorce, better jobs etc.


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