retoration theory

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  • Functions of sleep: restoration explanation
    • SWS
      • Growth production
        • allows protein synthesis
          • vital for restoration of body tissues
          • natural recovery process
      • Cauter et al
        • Amount of growth hormone produced is correlational to SWS
      • lack of SWS results in a reduced immune system
        • Krueger et al
        • immune system consists of various protein molecules (antibodies) which are generated in cell growth and protein synthesis
    • REM  sleep
      • brain growth
        • increase of REM sleep during brain development
          • why premature babies have 90% REM sleep
      • Memory
        • crick and Mitchison
          • During REM sleep unwanted memories are discarded
            • leaving only important memories accessible
        • Stickgold
          • important for the consolidation of procedural memory
            • eg riding a bike
    • Effects for sleep deprivation
      • based on individual case studies
        • Peter tripp
          • Americn DJ who stayed awake for 201 hours for charity
          • few days in he developed mental disturbance
            • hallucinations (seeing spiders)
            • paranoid delusions
              • thinking that food was drugged
          • after slept for 24 hours and felt restored
          • uncontrolled observations
        • Randy Gardner (Dement)
          • stayed awake for 264 hours
          • vision blurred speech became disorganised and mildly paranoid
          • during recovery sleep 50% REM
        • little control and retrospective
      • Animals
        • Jouvet et al
          • died after 33 days
          • could of been due  to stress
      • Human fatal familial insomnia
        • rare inherited condition
        • when they reach middle age they stop sleeping
        • deaths follows two years later
        • due to Inalamus in the brain
          • could be due to brain damage
    • exercise increases need for sleep
      • sleep needed to restore proteins and biochemical
      • Shapiro found that runs slept for two hours more after a run and SWS increased
    • Evolutionary approach contradicts
      • unilateral sleep doesn't contain REM
      • why don dolphins and fur seals need restoration sleep
      • Young says we need to know more about species to compare environmental pressures and restoration needs
    • theory devised by Oswald


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