WATER - Impact of drought on forests and wetlands

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  • Functions of wetlands and forests
      • Cover 10% of earths surface. They:
        • Act as temporary water stores
        • recharge aquifers
        • trap pollutants and act as filters
        • providing nurseries for fish
        • are feeding areas for migrating birds
      • Drought's impact:
        • less precipitation = less interception
        • less infiltration and percolation
        • water tables fall.
        • evaporation increases
        • decrease in transpiration
        • the function of the wetlands will REDUCE.
      • responsible for interception, meaning reduced infiltration and overland flow. (high levels of transpiration).
      • Deforestation is more threatening than droughts.
        • Tree mortality is on the increase as firs and pines develop fungal diseases.
      • Ecological resistance should not be threatened, as the results could be harsh.


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