functions of respiratory system

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  • functions of the respiratory system
    • average breathing rate
      • 12-15 breaths per minute
      • breathing dependent on pressure changes in the chest cavity
    • inspiration
      • breathing in
      • intercostal muscles contract
        • pulling ribcage up and out
      • diaphragm contracts
        • pulling outwards
      • allows lungs to expand
      • pressure in thoracic cavity falls
    • expiration
      • relaxation of the intercostal muscles
      • breathing out
      • diaphragm goes inward and downward
      • chest cavity goes out and down
      • pressure in the lungs rises
    • gaseous exchange
      • occurs when there is a difference of pressure in the semi permeable membrane
      • moves by diffusion
        • from higher concentration
          • to lower concentration
      • carbon dioxide diffuses from the blood into alveoli
      • oxygen diffuses from the alveoli into the bloodstream


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