Functions of Parliament

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  • Functions of Parliament
    • Legislation
      • Branch of govt = power to make laws
      • Parliamentary sovereignty
      • Not restricted by codified, nobody can challenge Parl's authority
      • Devolved assemblies and ministers can only make laws bc Parl allows them to
    • Representation
      • Parliamentary democracy = link between govt and ppl
      • Elected HoC operates through link between MPs and constituents
      • Burkean rep = use own judgement. Doctrine of mandate = opposite
    • Scrutiny and oversight
      • Parl doesn't govern, but checks govt
      • Calls govt to account, forcing ministers to explain actions
        • Oversight underpinned by conventions of indiv and collective responsiblity
      • Ensures responsible government
    • Legitimacy
      • Govts actions obeyed bc = rightful
      • Parl stands for public, approved measure = approved by public
      • Approval based on govts actions = debated and scrutinised
    • Recruitment of Ministers
      • Ministers = MPs or peers
      • Backbench = ask Qs and debate
        • Understand how govt works and policy develops
        • Learn political trade


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